The Integrated Therapeutic Alignment Energy Medicine Association, Inc is a non profit representative Organisation for ITA energy medicine practitioners, students, licensed course facilitators and supportive friends in Australia and overseas.

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Committee Meeting

All members welcome
Wenesday 11th August 

7:00pm Perth AWST

Followed by

Annual General Meeting

8:00pm Perth AWST

Held via Zoom online

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Walk in Kings Park

Date to be Advised 

9am Perth AWST

ITA Movement for Global Unity

Date to be Advised

10am AWST (Perth West Australia)

In-person, location to be advised

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Upcoming ITA practice

Online Zoom ITA Discussion

Tuesday 17th August

8pm AWST (Perth West Australia)

In-Person ITA Practice

Perth WA Saturday 7th August

2:30pm AWST

New York Tuesday 10th August


The Evolution of ITA - Online

Saturday 16th October

8:30pm AWST (Perth West Australia)

ITA Movement - Online

Saturday 31st July

8pm AWST (Perth West Australia)

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Practical Bookkeeping - Online

19th, 24th, 31st August

7:30pm AWST (Perth West Australia)